Crown Affair

The Brush No. 002 - Wooden Bristle Brush


The all wooden brush of your dreams—strong enough to remove knots, but gentle enough to protect your scalp and strands from breakage. Perfect for everyday detangling on all hair types, The Brush No. 002 prevents static, smooths frizz, and gently stimulates your scalp to promote blood flow and create the optimal environment for strong, healthy hair to grow. 


To detangle, start at the ends and work your way up, finishing by gliding The Brush along your scalp for a nice massage. Repeat as needed to remove tangles or refresh throughout the day. 


To clean your brush, use The Brush Cleaner once a week to remove any shedded hair or debris. 


Note: Your hair is most vulnerable when it’s wet, so we always recommend using a comb on wet hair, and saving your brush for when your hair is nice and dry. 



Handmade in Italy from beechwood.