Scandinavian Alps Coffee

House Blend " This Must Be The Place" 250g (GREEN RUNNER: EASY DRINKING)


Filter Roast Blend.

Flavour Profile: Rich chocolate fondue, toasted caramel nuts, crisp lingering acidity. 

Origin(s): Central / South America

--The Story: 

After two year in the making and we have come up with our first seasonal house blend that works great in the morning with breakfast or on a lazy Sunday afternoon with your favorite newspaper or book. It is more on the traditional side of coffee ( light medium roast)  compared to our modern light and bright single origin coffees to showcase the farms origins. It is defiantly not burnt and oily. So tradional, yet with a modern twist.

With notes of brown sugar, dark chocolate, sweet/ smooth and crisp punchy acidity for balance . It takes well with milk or cream or whatever you like to put in your coffee— even grass fed butter works to keep your brain energize with essential brain food. 

 This coffee represents a small part of us and our company. This unique house with the trees on top is sort of an iconic house between Hemsedal and Tuv. It speaks volumes about the harmony between nature and Norwegians.  

We hope you enjoy this new seasonal blend all though the year.